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Blue Planet Eyes

Blue Planet Eyes

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1. Blue Planet Eyes
2. Somebody's Talking
3. Is This How You Feel? 
4. Ordinary
5. Two Tone Melody
6. Rock And Roll Rave
7. Whatever You Want
8. Cruel
9. It Gets Better
10. Business, Yeah

Released: 2014
Recorded: Public Hi Fi studio in Austin and Doldrums Studio in Surry Hills Producer: Jim Eno, Jack Moffitt

The Preatures release their highly-anticipated debut album Blue Planet Eyes. With two acclaimed EPs to their name, the band found time amid their intense 2014 touring schedule to record their long-awaited LP, alongside producer Jim Eno (best known as the drummer of Texan rockers Spoon). The recording began in Jim’s Public Hi Fi studio in Austin, Texas and was wrapped up at the band’s own Doldrums Studio in Surry Hills, with lead guitarist Jack Moffitt co-producing the record. Blue Planet Eyes not only lives up to its bold aspirations, it blows them away. As addictive as it is ambitious, it takes the promise of ‘Is This How You Feel?’ and projects it widescreen, popping with delicious grooves, hip-hugging basslines and choruses that just won’t quit. 

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